S.W.O.L. – Who We Are

S.W.O.L. Sports Performance is located in Weatherford, OK, and we are changing the way people and athletes look at training and gyms. At SWOL, we hope to stay in Western Oklahoma to give back to the people and athletes who have the potential to better their bodies and minds, but believe that is only possible in the larger cities. We want to give not just athletes, but people of all ages, the opportunity to change their lives and focus on the goals they want to achieve. This is what SWOL does, and this is what SWOL can do for you.

Here at SWOL, we help unlock the true potential of any athletic they had locked away before becoming part of our growing family. Through personal training, group training, and the everyday workouts posted on the board, we help athletes gain confidence with each workout which translates into them performing with agility, speed, balance, coordination, and body control. As these attributes continue to grow, athletes will start to recognize how all their hard work has transferred from the gym to their respected territory. Their fundamental movement development, such as dribbling a basketball, swinging a bat, or tackling an opponent, will be operating at such a higher level than they have ever experienced, as long as they stay dedicated and respectful to they’re training we provide and the gym.

SWOL prides itself in getting athletes to unleash their inner beast and obtain the competitive edge that separates their level of play from anyone they go against. To do that, one has to recognize that different workouts are necessary for football than it is for golf or basketball and such. This is why SWOL focuses on bettering each individual and their specific sports skills. We give our athletes who want to win championships, and who want to take their game to the next level, the best training possible and show them the respect they deserve to reach whatever goal they want to reach.

We help turn the players who come to our gym into the athletes they know they can become. At the very beginning of any great gym is a leader who makes it into what it is. Josh
Musick is the founder and main trainer of SWOL Sports Performance. With a Bachelor’s in Health and Exercise Science, and a Master’s in Business, Josh has taken many athlete’s potential and turned it into reality. He gained a lot of his experience as the strength and conditioning coach at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, where he trained all athletes for seven years. After SWOSU, Josh turned his attention to professional athletes where he has trained several players from the Cleveland Browns professional football team. With the experience Josh has from training professional athletes, and athletes he has shaped into NCAA D1 athletes, he brought those skills and experiences back to Western Oklahoma and has been training all types of athletes of all ages, and helping push them towards their goals.

1. SWOL offers one-on-one training with most of the members in the gym, and for those not personal training, we always gives advice to the members working to help better all of the skills
mentioned above.

2. SWOL also provides “Kids’ SWOL.” This is a 2 day a week class that focuses on training younger kids, ages 6-13, with proper technique and form in the weight room. SWOL helps these young kids develop balance,agility, speed, coordination, skills,and respect during their sessions, along with teaching them how fun being healthy and fitness really is.

3. SWOL newest hit, Chunky Elephant Crossfit, offers Crossfit group classes 3 times per day. Group classes begin at 6am, 7am, 8am, and 6pm and ages for Crossfit range from 16 through 55 currently.

Crossfit is an intensity work out, which specializes on strength and power through functional movements and skills used in everyday life such as: bending, squatting, lifting, and reaching overhead. Through crossfit, we are leading all types of people to better health, core stability, and flexibility. SWOL understands not everyone is at the same level of training when they come
through our doors, we scale Crossfit down to the personnel level of that individual’s fitness. Our Crossfit team has done above average in district and regional competitions across the state and have even had individual Crossfitters place in top categories as well. Our staff is ready to help turn you into a better you with plenty of experience to give out.

4. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training is also a benefit offered at SWOL. Josh works one-on-one with many MMA fighters training for their health and for competition in our personal MMA cage. Josh trains his fighters in judu, jiu jitsu, muay thai, kickboxing, and boxing, whether you want to learn these different type of fighting styles for competition or to increase your cardio and a different way to be active.

SWOL Sports Performance’s main focus is getting people to become involved in fitness and giving them a healthier life, whether they be 6, 18, or 55. We love welcoming in new members who have the desire and dedication to work hard and make themselves better. SWOL offers workouts for everyone, not just athletes. We know you have potential, so let us help you unlock it and come on down.

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